Overview pilots


Nijverheidssingel Breda

The municipality of Breda (NL) wants to improve the quality of life of the green public space along the inner canal around the center. A crucial aspect here is a walking route between a double...

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Helping make Margate a cooler, greener place

Heavy rainfall and high summer temperatures already frequently impact Margate, and are experienced throughout Kent more widely, and will increasingly result in flooding and heat stress into the future. Kent County Council (KCC) is undertaking...

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Middelburg Kanaalweg: Tiles out, plants in

Tiles and asphalt out, plants in. The Kanaalweg in Middelburg (NL) is being made greener. Then the consequences of climate change – more heat, heavier rain – can be better absorbed. And then it might...

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Urban cooling with SIOEN Living walls and Tensile Architecture

Both Sioen’s GreenTecStyle® living walls and Tensile Architecture structures can alleviate heat stress in the urban environment. GreenTecStyle® offers solutions for a greener environment with planting vegetation, while Sioen Tensile Architecture provides shade. GreenTecStyle® solutions...

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Green oasis in the center of Ostend

In the Lijnbaanstraat, the city of Ostend (BE) is creating a green oasis where residents can meet each other. Moreover, more green means more cooling in the city. The redevelopment started in January 2021 and...

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