There are global, European, and national level policies that are encouraging regions, towns and cities to create strategies for climate resilience and adaptation.

These provide the context so opportunities can be identified, partners engaged, and funding can be secured to include heat stress mitigation in local development plans and strategies within whicharea, local or neighborhood action plans can be developed.

Review of policy context

This provides an overview of the existing legislative and policy framework on climate issues, at all scales (international, European, national, regional and local) that  focuses on heat stress issues. It shows how local authorities can act by integrating these objectives in their heat resilient strategies, and also participate in improving this existing framework.

Heat resilient strategy

Each Cool Towns pilot city has developed a specific heat resilient strategy, following the six steps set out in this Roadmap.

Take a look at these strategies for inspiration and to help you to think about developing your own strategy.

Heat resilient strategy St.Omer