On 25 and 26 April 2019, the Interreg 2 Seas program organized a Midterm Review in Ghent. The municipality of Middelburg was also present to show the Cool Towns project. Visitors were given an explanation of the project in a green stand and with a refreshing drink in hand. The Cool Towns project investigates the effects of climate change in the cities and carries out pilot projects to combat heat stress.

Midterm Review

The Interreg 2 Seas subsidy program is now halfway through the term. The Midterm Review event was organized to show what the program has achieved so far. More than 400 project partners from France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the Netherlands were present. All 68 approved projects were given room to show their results. These projects represent 687 organizations and have received 213 million euros in European funding. There were also thematic discussions and people could get acquainted with good practical examples from experienced project partners. There was talk about successful project management and the concrete added value of cross-border cooperation. We have attended a number of these sessions and have been able to learn some of them.

Cool Towns

The Cool Towns project also receives a grant from Interreg 2 Seas and was present with a stand. Cool Towns, a collaboration between 13 European partners, is aimed at combating the negative effects of climate change and finding attractive solutions that make cities climate-proof and robust, so that heat stress is prevented or limited as much as possible.

Climate resistant

The Cool Towns booth was decorated in green. Visitors were given a fun explanation of the projects of our project partners with whom we collaborate in Cool Towns. We could use photos to show what measures can be taken to make a city climate-proof. For example, vertical gardens and heat cloths, examples of which Benny Pycke from our partner Sioen had brought. In addition, our project also investigates heat stress and Leen Meheus was able to tell our visitors more about that. Leen is a research assistant at the Province of East Flanders.

Get started yourself

We had a blue, refreshing soda for the visitors to our booth to inform them in a playful way about the need to prevent heat stress. People were curious about the taste of the blue drink and for us it was a nice way to tell more about Cool Towns.

Not only cooling, but also more green in the city is an important measure. We handed out growth paper, so that people could also work at home to realize more greenery. They are seed pads made of paper, which you place 2 centimeters below the ground. With enough water a beautiful flower mix appears. Our visitors were pleasantly surprised with this growth paper and eager to get started at home.


In addition to our stand, the SCAPE (lead partner Ostend) and Nature Smart Cities (lead partner Southend on Sea) projects were represented. Ostend and Soutend on Sea are also partners in the Cooltowns project. We have not only been able to catch up with our partners, but also have a look at the other projects. Interesting to see how others are working on the themes within the Interreg 2 Seas program:
1. adaptation to climate change
2. circular economy
3. technological innovation
4. social innovation
5. low-carbon technologies
6. more efficient use of natural resources and materials

We can look back on a great event where we have been able to tell more about our Cool Towns project.