On Thursday  16 th January 2020 a  crossborder design workshop  “green furniture “ took place at the company of one of our partners SIOEN Industries.

SIOEN is the world market leader in high-quality protective clothing and technical textiles. Sioen Industries produces and develops textile based products that can contribute to improve the quality of buidings and the urban environment. The products they are developing in the Cool Town context are green wall systems and tensile architecture  including textiles for shade applications.

SIOEN has the entire production process under one roof: from yarn, fabrics and pigment pastes to the coating and production of high-quality textiles.  As market leader in this sector, they are proud of the ability to find creative solutions to the ever-changing wishes and requirements of customers, markets and stakeholders.

In the Cool Towns project,  SIOEN Industries  works  closely together with the other partners to apply urban heat-reducing materials in various applications; designing  innovative shadow spots and creating green walls and green street furniture  in the public realm. By participating Sioen aims to learn about the cooling potential of the different product types to further improve product performance and product implementation to the needs of the cities of the future.

The purpose of the workshop  was  to obtain input from the participating municipalities and partners so SIOEN can start designing innovative Street Furniture for their demonstration at different pilot sites starting in the summer of 2020. The consortium want to design a concept that fits in the different  municipalities.

SIOEN  was specifically interested in obtaining insights into the expectations, the needs & wants,  dimensions, logistics, maintenance, pricing, lifetime, past experiences,  etc.  Sharing  past experiences between cross-border partners serves as an excellent guide to design the new products to fit the workflow of municipalities based on their experience with other green interventions .

 With the input of the workshop SIOEN  will start design in spring aiming at first deployments in the summer of 2020, preferably at the site of the interventions or another centralized  demonstration site to communicate about Cool Towns and raise awareness on heat stress & urban greening.

A good mix  of participants from different countries, municipalities ( policy, design and greening department), SME’s  (Denis- plants, Vermako), knowledge center ( HZ University of applied sciences)   and engineers SIOEN development & research division attend the workshop.  Some partners followed the workshop by online video system.