The water play area on the Grote Markt in the city centre of Breda (NL) has been officially inaugurated today. This special fountain in front of the town hall has the shape of the coat of arms of the city of Breda and has today been given the name ‘Tijns Waterplein’. Named after Tijn Kolsteren, the little boy who conquered the hearts of the Netherlands in 2016 and got the whole of the Netherlands to paint nails.

On December 21, 2016, Tijn and his father reported to the letterbox of the Glass House on the Grote Markt. He wanted to raise money for charity by painting nails. Tijn set the whole of the Netherlands in motion with his nail polish campaign. And he gave thousands of children in war zones a future. Unfortunately, there was no future for Tijn. He died on July 7, 2017 from the effects of brain stem cancer.

Mayor Paul Depla about this: “Tijn has made an indelible impression on everyone. We therefore consider it an honor to associate Tijn’s name with this water playground on the Grote Markt in Breda. Because it is a place for children. And because we will never forget Tijn and his campaign for the Glass House.”

On Saturday 2 April, Tijn’s parents and brother, in the presence of family and friends, together with Mayor Depla and Alderman van ‘t Hof, officially opened the water playground and revealed the name that the fountain will bear. In honor of Tin.

Cool Towns

This water playground on the Grote Markt was built under the banner of the Cool Towns project: a collaboration between 14 European partners, aimed at combating the negative effects of climate change and finding attractive solutions that make cities climate-proof and robust, so that heat stress is avoided or limited as much as possible. The municipality of Breda is one of the partners in this project.

Breda has already carried out projects on the Nijverheidssingel and in the Menno van Coehoornstraat under the Cool Towns flag, to make the city more attractive when it comes to temperature. In those two projects, extra trees were mainly planted, with support from ‘Europe’.


“This central location on the Grote Markt in Breda is already a place where residents of Breda and visitors to the city meet each other,” said Alderman Tim van het Hof. “By adding this water play area, this can be expanded even further. Children can play with the water playground while the parents sit on the terrace: an extra incentive for the catering industry on the Grote Markt. As far as I’m concerned, Breda has a new eye-catcher with Tijns Waterplein”