The city of Ostend (BE) received the green light from the municapal executive to realize the Cool Towns project in the city center, close to the shopping center.
In concrete terms, this means that various green islands – planted with tall logs – will appear in the city center, and that work will be done on green façade walls.
The project now needs to be further elaborated with a large number of stakeholders, residents, utility companies, retailers, etc.

On April 1, the city of Ostend already received Charlotte Markey from GreenBlue Urban (UK). We found a place to test the arborflow tree planting installation.
On April 3 our twin-city Breda visited (photo) together with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (NL). In addition to the sitevisit, there was a workshop and the mapping and modeling of heat stress was examined.

A first step in the direction of a fresher, greener and sustainable city center.