Watch these three short videos from Cool Towns partners GreenBlue Urban and SIOEN Industries which feature innovative solutions to counter the effects of heatstress.

GreenBlue’s sustainable urban drainage system – ArborFlow – has been developed as an effective and environmentally robust means of managing surface water run-off. Ideal for use in urban areas where space is at a premium, ArborFlow markedly reduces the velocity and flow rate of surface water run-off in urban areas. Designed for a given catchment area it can contribute towards meeting the discharge rates allowed and set by regulatory authorities.

Watch the ArborFlow video

SIOEN’S GreenTecStyle® green walls combine nature and technology in a smart way. An engineered composite made out of fleeces, grids and tarpauline provides a habitat for plants an insects where normally no greenery would survive. The light weight structure ensures an ergonomic solution and allows fast installation.

Watch the GreenTecStyle video

SIOEN’s Architectural Membranes: Shade and cooling on sunny and hot days, shelter on a rainy day, protection on windy days. Protecting people and their possessions from the elements is probably the first application you think of when you hear “Tensile Architecture”.

Watch the Architectural Membranes video