Cool Towns lead partner The municipality of Middelburg organized a ‘Week of Europe’ from 18 to 29 November 2019. The municipality wanted to bring Europe and Interreg to the attention of its (more than 50.000) inhabitants in a positive way. In recent years many different projects have been realized thoughout in the municipality of Middelburg. A lot of money is needed to realize these projects. Because of the contribution, these projects have been realized or are being implemented right now.

 On 15 panels peope could read which projects are currently being implemented in the municipality, partly thanks to a European subsidy. By means of panels, messages on the municipal website, social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) and the local newssites, the municipality of Middelburg reached its inhabitants and others.

 The Cool Towns project got a lot of attention. Middelburg wants to ensure that the city remains habitable and that the people of Middelburg can live and work in a healthy and good way despite climate change and the increasing risk of heat stress. The Cool Towns project gives a practical interpretation to the ‘Climate Adaptation Vision’ adopted in 2018. Current and future heat stress is mapped. Two locations in Middelburg are being refurbished based on a climate-proof design, namely the Kanaalweg including the Stationsplein and the Zusterplein