Breda is a medium sized city (180.000 inhabitants) in Noord-Brabant. Sizewise, it’s the 9th biggest city in the Netherlands. It’s located inland and is projected to experience increasing temperatures due to climate change. Increasingly hot summers and water scarcity are expected to have a negative impact on liveability and quality of life in the city. Breda wants to invest in spatial design solutions to cope with heat stress, which is an increasing problem in built-up urban area. Breda has built up some experience with coping with heat stress in spatial design (green infrastructure, water), but is has not yet found all the right solutions. This international consortium will increase support for the issue and create room for new solutions at city level. Breda will share its experiences and solutions with the partners.

The city of Breda has the ambition to create an attractive, robust and climate proof city. Its historic city centre is urbanized and petrified and therefore vulnerable for heat and heat stress. On hot days or periods of heat the city centre is less attractive for visitors; so we want to improve the quality of stay during those hot days for visitors and inhabitants. We want to learn which measures fits best, are the most effective and we also want to learn about their co benefits. Our knowledge is insufficient, therefore we want (need) to work together with (similar) cities, regions and knowledge institutes so we can learn about the applicability and the benefits of measures.

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