Green Blue Urban specializes in sustainable urban drainage and solutions that enable trees to thrive in harsh, hard urban environments so that green infrastructure can be integrated into complex urban developments. The key role of trees in mitigating urban heat stress is unquestionable, by cooling and providing more comfortable public spaces.

GBU’s expertise includes training and technical guidance to public and private bodies for landscaping for public realm projects and new developments that will benefit the capacity building work in this project. Our existing solutions, resources and research on urban greening will add value to the development of urban heat stress resilience database and provide green infrastructure solutions for the pilot demonstrator sites.

In Cool Towns, GBU will for the first time explore the heat and cooling potential of engineered tree planting solutions for urban adaptation. It is clear that increased canopy cover can reduce urban heat island effect. But how exactly do engineered tree planting set-ups behave in different urban settings and vs regular planted trees or other (green) heat resilience options? How to maximise the cooling effect by better design and smart placement and use?

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