The Faculty of Engineering & Science of the University of Greenwich provides a wide range of competencies in landscape scale planning, ecosystem service and risk assessment, and in using these to solve problems and develop action plans.

The faculties education programme covers restoration, environmental impact assessment and environmental management at Masters level. Research topics include work on desert cities, green infrastructure, living walls, and human/wildlife impacts of environmental change. Beyond the University there are established links with local/regional organisations concerned with mitigating the effects of climate change, including local authorities in Medway and Kent.

The Cool Towns project will provide an incentive to bring together existing work and, by collaborating with others, build on and develop this. Restoration ecology should be forward-looking identifying opportunities to build resilience in emerging novel ecosystems. We are particularly interested in the role of green infrastructure in air quality and temperature and adaptation by using different drought resistant trees and planting and evaluation and assessment of ecosystem services to increase resources for establishment and ongoing management.

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