What is it ?

This is a tool to help organisations, and particularly local authorities, to develop heat resilient strategies. The roadmap provides an overview of all the documents produced by the Cool Towns project, and shows how these can be used to take six steps to enable a heat resilient strategy to be achieved.

The six steps to make your city heat resilient are  provided in more detail in the following sections, as set out below:

It begins by explaining  the concept of heat stress and how to identify the places most likely to experience  heat stress  by creating thermal maps and thermal walks. Examples are provided to assist in raising awareness of heat stress including a workshop guide and s a library of slides from which you can chose the most appropriate to make your own presentation.

After identifying l places likely to experience heat stress can occur, then the next step is to consider the options available to address this. The Cool Towns project has brought together a series of resources to help you, including a  a Catalog of Interventions. This describes the different types with technical information sheets giving the advantages and disadvantages to help you make an informed decision about which might be best.

In addition,  examples of completed projects are provided as case studies with detailed information including indicative costs for installation and maintenance as well as reactions from the public.  We hope these  will serve as inspiration to  you.

The end point of the process is to develop a city-wide heat resilience strategy so that action can be taken to reduce heat stress at street level wherever it is needed to improve the health and well being of residents.