Cities around the world are experiencing more frequent heatwaves and these are becoming more intense and lasting longer.

This is affecting people’s health and if they feel too hot this affects their enjoyment of outside spaces both during the day and the evening.


This short animated film explains what heat stress is and what the Cool Towns project has done  to help towns and cities reduce heat stress.

Definition of heat stress

When a human body’s ability to tolerate high temperature has reached a point where thermal discomfort begins, this is described as experiencing  heat stress

Climate change, due to anthropogenic activities, causes  extreme heat events in summer. It has serious acute and chronic health consequences  and increased death rates are recorded during heat waves. It is uncomfortable and has  physical and psychological effects  and the young, elderly and those with existing health conditions are particularly vulnerable.

The importance of raising awareness

Raising awareness on different levels is important. Not just among residents, although this is important to ensure  support for policies  but also amongst politicians and the various levels of administration  who decide on priorities . Raising awareness of heat stress and the potential consequences  it is easier to gain commitment for  time and monetary resources to be allocated to developing a hear resilient strategy and ensure action is taken.

The modular presentation can help you to raise awareness – select slides to make your own presentation tailored to your situation and the intended audience